“My five year-old sat riveted on the edge of his seat for the whole show! I think he thought you were otherworldly. His favourite part was getting to come down-stage afterwards and meet the performers up close! ”

- Natalie Napier



HELP sponsor PACA's Latest Circus Production​


Each production is an origional work of art that combines the talent of local circus artists, (both award winning professionals and talented hobbyists) technical knowhow of local visual and audio masters such as Lester Alfonso (LA) and Patricia Levert-Thorne, and often newcomers from our recreaitonal classes and social programs. PACA also collaborates with the other community organizations and special guest artists such as Justin Dale from the National Circus School. Our productions feature features acts in aerial silks, cord lisse, cyr wheel, flow arts, break dance, fire spinning & dance, and not to mention clowning! With spectacular lineups, it’s no wonder that PACA's productions have completely sold out in the past!


What Makes Sponsoring A PACA Production Worthwhile? 


Given PACA's successful history with sales at the box office, with previous sold out shows, you can bet that by sponsoring our latest Production your advertisement or company logo would be seen by many people; Adults, Children, Business Owners, and your next customers. Your support for the Peterborough Academy of Circus Arts will be seen in our programme and you will be given tickets for doing so. Higher sponsorship packages offer opportunities in capitalizing on customizeable circus entertainment and advertising services for their company and customers. It’s perfect for taking your loved ones out for an evening of magic and high caliber entertainment.


Everybody Loves it!


Thanks to larger, more well-known organizations, like Cirque Du Soleil, the impact and reputation of circus arts productions is well-known worldwide, and Peterborough is fortunate to have such a rich pool of talent locally to be able to put on such displays. Having members of our leadership study in world renowned places, such as The National Circus School, we are building ties and a stronger relationship with professionals across the globe and we look forward to seeing where your support can take not only us but the community as a whole!


Perfect For All Audiences!


It doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone is a kid again when they watch a circus show. We make the impossible possible, we make your dreams come true, we take you away from reality by pushing ourselves to the physical and mental pinnacles of human limits, celebrating creative imagination and wonder. This is something we want to share with you and cultivate in the city of Peterborough for a long time.


Here’s How it Works!


When you sponsor PACA productions in the amounts outlined here, we’ll give you space in our programme for your logo or advertisement. We’ll also include tickets for your donation as a way of saying thanks and so that your family or coworkers can enjoy an evening of quality circus entertainment!

Sponsorship guide

Where Will Your Sponsorship Dollars Go?


20% of the funds raised from sponsorship and box office sales for Circus Stellar go toward the Peterborough Academy of Circus Arts for their recreational programming in Market Hall and social programming with local community organizations of marginalized groups, such as The New Canadians Centre and YES!Shelter. This includes covering costs for equipment, personnel, space, and administration. The remaining 80% of the funds collected will go toward paying the artists and designers involved in the show.

For all their hard work and tireless dedication to their art, The designers and performers deserve to be paid fairly. With the success of this project, we hope to put on more productions in the coming years, many of which will feature students involved in our programs, as well as professional artists from around the world.

Who knows? Maybe with your help we can turn Peterborough into another Stratford, only with Circus instead of Shakespeare!

Did You Know?

According to Vital Signs, a survey conducted by the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough:


  • Unemployment ranks as the top priority for action in both the city and the county. Peterborough’s unemployment rate is 9.8%, nearly 2% over the provincial average.


  • Of those employed in Peterborough, 26.8% enjoy occupations in creative fields, and that number is expected to increase 23% by the year 2020.


  • Per household, Peterborough residents spend on average $691 per year on arts and recreation. This figure in all the province is only surpassed by Toronto, at $765 per year. 


  • Productions like Circus Stellar play to Peterborough’s strengths in artistic vibrancy while helping to address its weaknesses in unemployment. More than just artists, productions require an insurmountable amount of work from behind the scenes months in advance.


  • These occupations include, but are not limited to: techs, communications officers, administrators, accountants, movers, costume, makeup, web, graphic, & sound designers, hairstylists, photographers, videographers, and many more!